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November 3, 2014

Final Cut


Jake hard at work editing the film.

We wanted to create something that documents the process of creating an architectural proposal – lifting the veil on a very overlooked part of architecture. The countless hours spent creating drawings, models, design iterations and everything else that leads to the final proposal.


All of the filming was done with GoPro’s, a super handy device for filming on the run. Given that we were making the video as we worked through our models and final exhibition, we often had to have the GoPro at the ready.


October 28, 2014

Making a (Tiny) Cinema




The seats were a nice detail to add to the cinema model. at 1:50 scale, it really comes down to furniture to fill the spaces. Four lasercut profiles fit together to make a semi-realistic looking cinema chair.

This is one of 190…

August 1, 2014

The Fuel That Sustains Us

Working on an architecture assignment can be incredibly draining, long hours and little sleep – We needed to make sure we had adequate fuel to sustain these efforts.

Mr’s Luu’s is a local favourite of ours, just around the corner this bustling Vietnamese canteen has been a much need food oasis, taking time to step away from our work and replenish ourselves. To perform at an optimal level you need the best, and for $11 you can get the best Bahn Mi in Brisbane.


Coffee – Obviously coffee was involved!



Bunker is one of our go to spots, all their coffees are top notch but we grew particularly fond of the double shot cold presses to get us going on the hot steamy days. The design is a simple garage conversion but the use of vines and greenery and the top notch brew earned this secret spot a die-hard fan base. As young designers we’re always looking for creative ways to design and this one brilliant example of outside of the box thinking.



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