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October 15, 2014

Searching for Inspiration

On my search for inspiration I looked to local architects Richard Kirk. Kirk Architects wrote the original brief for the Creative Industries Academy as they are currently constructing the Creative Precinct 2.0 at QUT’s Kelvin Grove Hub in collaboration with Hassel Studios. The brief immediately stood out to me as an interesting and challenging concept which could lead to some highly creative and innovative design. During the semester we visited the Creative Industries Precinct construction site and were given a tour by the head architects from both firms. This was a fascinating experience and also reassuring to see similar design ideas being built in this facility as I had in mind for my design.



As a student it was fascinating to be given an insight into the construction process. Even at work we are rarely given such an opportunity to see different spaces and how they are constructed. The difference between good and great architecture is in the detail and those details are successfully considered in terms of construction as well as design.


Another building of Kirk’s that I was inspired by was the Advanced Engineering Building at the University of Queensland. Whilst it’s not a creative facility it is an academic facility which pushes the boundaries of modern education.


Here is a review of the building I did: Advanced Engineering Building

I was also inspired by a study from Hassel on designing for Higher Education. With the rapid improvement of technology information is more available than ever before and students are able to educate themselves in range of different ways. The study looks at the need to cater for modern education, moving away from traditional methodology and focusing on knowledge sharing.

The article can be found here:

These two firms have been largely influential in my growth as an architect.


October 13, 2014

Design by Climate

As I have transitioned from idealistic student to gainfully employed in an architecture firm, one thing that stands out to me is the lack of focus on climate in design. The climate of Brisbane is such a unique climate, one that allows a great deal of freedom in architecture. The sub-tropical climate allows the designer to strip back the architecture to a primitive shell which blurs the lines between inside and out. Climate has such a major influence on a building and its inhabitants and yet it is overlooked or blatantly ignored. Designing with the climate rather than against it produces a better performing building and a better environment for inhabitants.

For one of our masters subjects I wrote an article about the standards being set by local firms designing in a unique Brisbane style and the benchmark this sets for industry standards. I am passionate about the future of Brisbane, its architecture and the lifestyle our city has to offer

Climate + Architecture-1

Full Story Here: Climate + Architecture

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