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The Art of Model


The Process Behind The Exhibition

The Art of Model is an insight into the process behind the exhibition, all the hard work and dedication that goes into creating presentations of momentary delight. Our design team quickly developed an easy and organic cohesion, merging together seemingly different tastes and styles into one comprehensive and thoroughly explored master plan. The master plan provided the foundation for all of our projects and our individual submissions were strengthened by the urban design. We titled our site master plan “Golden Boy” after a group epiphany induced by Jerry Seinfeld. It was the construction of the 1:200 physical model which really cemented the design and signified the importance for models within our group, exhibiting such a complex and intricate scheme.

The physical model is one of the most effective ways for communicating the overall design as well as considered details. However, the model is far too often overlooked for it’s favourable cousin “The Render” because of its efficiency and wow factor. Renders can often be misleading, whether it be the warping of perspectives or the over exaggeration of design elements the digital capabilities may lead to disparity in expectation and reality. A model is a straight shooting, no nonsense interactive tool which offers unique insight into the head of the designer.



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