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The Sports Centre

by Schneider Eliassaint

Introductory steps were a continuous back-and-forth between form and function. Due to site boundaries, a non-traditional vertical layout was initially proposed. Different spatial programs were laid out according to adjacency, and provided a more free flowing circulation route along the ground floor.

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Climatic Sensitivity
Environmental considerations of the design arise of climatic response to the form of the building. The form uses different techniques to maximize solar gain, and air-flow. These techniques include a shading skin which covers the building and corner cuts on the ground and upper levels of the building. Additionally outside services provide a sense of climatic responsibility including a water filtration system.

The internal concrete staircase block helps in structural stability of the tower. As part of the environmental strategies of the building, exposed concrete structure works as thermal mass in controlling the internal air temperature.

ProgrammingGround Floor
The building meets the street with public function, and introduction to the building. A void directly down the center of the site provides a thoroughfare linking Golden Boy, and other services. An attempt to create a pedestrian flow, and a mobile piazza. Its intention is not mainly for stationary interaction, but it can be manipulated to act as a separate degree relative to Golden Boy, and the nearby parks. Situated on the entrance level are retail and restaurant spaces. These programs provide a social gathering spaces within the building, and are completely public. Use of the primary programming is not needed to enter and use its facilities.

Below the entrance level is the pool. Although it is not visible from above, a view of how its technology works can be seen while driving to the carpark as a water gathering and filtration system is located where the road meets the site, Water collected from the earth void of the community library is drained into the filtration system, where it is processed and redistributed through the sports complex.

The pool is meant to service all the levels of the sports complex. Providing swim lessons, competitions, and recreational lap swimming, it serves as its own entity within the larger context.

Level 1 & 2
Lifted above ground are the multi-sport courts. As to not take away from the primary function of the building, A view of the courts is visible from the exterior, and gives the public the opportunity to share in the activity. With access to locker rooms, storage, offices, and other amenities, any sport/activity desired can be played without inconvenience.

Level 3 & 4
Additional physical exercise is located above the courts, and provide even more activities for users. Another retail/cafe is located across from the gym, and the connection between the two offers an exterior patio, and views in and out of the site.

Level  5 & 6
On the uppermost levels of the building is the most private programming. The childcare drop-off provides the users of the building with temporary babysitting. children of any age are housed with a variety of services including a computer lab, classrooms, and interior play-space.



Space and its Components
The Genius Loci is to become a part of the building that is an integral part of the architectural proposal, rather than a space that exists as a self-sufficient entity in isolation. A specific piece of the building was developed to the extent it demonstrates a much higher degree of attention and detail than other parts of the design.

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Tectonis and Structure
The structure of the sports complex, and the forces used to make it work within is visible from the exterior. The façade itself becomes a visual exhibition of the building’s structure. A web of triangulated steel tubes – diagrids – that form a regular pattern of diamonds. The self-supporting facade structure features a structural curtain wall system of high performance glass panels with a sun shading of 60 percent. This same glass panel is featured on the central connection where the multi-sport courts are visible.

In addition to regular gravity and lateral forces acting on the structure, there are significant additional construction stage forces due to the fact that the building comprises two separate leaning towers. The structural glass connection which links the two forms acts as additional support.

The two towers are supported on separate piled raft foundations with reinforced concrete bored piles beneath each, typically 10m long and up to .5m in diameter. The tower rafts are thick reinforced concrete slabs.

The composition of materials in this project is kept minimal with the use of mainly steel and glass. Steel is the primary material that serves as barrier between interior and exterior space.


The external envelope of the building plays an important role in controlling the environmental strategies and in giving the building a strong and contemporary architectural image.

The building is uniformly wrapped in a polycarbonate panel system, creating a uniform skin which glimmers by day, while by night becomes transparent. This layered effect attempts to bring a welcome degree of articulation to the facade surfaces, maximising the play of light and reflection across them and enhancing the appearance of the building’s public focal point.

Exploded SectionThe tower has been designed, to guarantee the occupants a right level of comfort without the use of an air conditioning system. The double glazing units are made of a high performance glass that in combination with the external façade will provide the sufficient level of thermal insulation and protection from solar radiation, optimising at the same time the daylight level into the internal spaces.

The building is conceived to maximise the use of natural light and natural ventilation. The subtractions in the form act as tilted skylights, which contribute to provide a sufficient level of natural light. A second skin wraps the entire surface of the building, covering its opaque and transparent parts, creating a ventilation space. The external envelope of polycarbonate modules is made of a system of steel bars directly fixed to the internal steel structure.

An additional component of this project was creating a partial set of construction drawings which displayed full practicality of the project. Through this, a conscious effort was made into the functionality of the building, and how it could serve the public a realistic level…SPORTS CENTER CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION

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