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Film Making, The Creative Industries Academy

Jake Paterson

The Great Beard of Zeus

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Star Sign: Libran

Eye Colour: Blue

Minors/Major: Sustainability + Collaborative Digital Design





Why the Creative Industries Academy?

The brief for the Creative Industries Academy was one that stood out to me from the very beginning. The challenges set by Richard Kirk Architects, the authors of the brief were both architecturally and technically challenging. I felt that the project offer a complex scenario combining well thought out and thoroughly explored design coupled with the technical considerations which allow the building to perform as a creative facility. Also included in the brief was a strong emphasis on mixed-mode ventillation, passive heating/cooling and a response which carefully considered the natural climate of the site and Brisbane. After meeting with the head architects from Hassel Studios and Kirk Architects it was clear that they were passionate about passive design elements which did not merely “tick boxes” but actually provided an optimal performing building which provides an ideal and desirable environment for learning.

What Did I Learn?

This has been my most resolved project as an architectural student and feel that I have learnt a great deal from the process. Working within a strong and highly collaborative group has been an excellent experience, seeing the project through the masterplan brainstorming stages, through to design and experimentation, the construction of the 1:200 model and finally the synergy between the four buildings, forming one united People’s Hub.

Whilst I have been building my documentation skills over the last year working in a local firm, the documentation of the Creative Industries Academy allowed me the opportunity to consider the construction of the building without the safety-net of an experienced supervisor to call on for help. I found this experience invaluable as I was pushed to consider the construction of the building, a vital step in transitioning from design to building.

The documentation considerations gave me a thorough understanding of how my building went together, a great help when constructing the 1:50 section model. Because of the intricate nature of the building I decided to create 2 sections cuts, showing the interaction between the public horizontal plane and vertical academic plane. As well as showcasing my design to other people it was great for me to see it in physical form, to examine the proportions, highlighting positives to continue doing and negatives to learn from in the future.

The construction of the website and making of the video has also been highly beneficial, exploring different mediums to communicate the intentions of our designs to a wide range of people. The intentions behind the video are to provide an insight for the general public, who have no understanding of the process behind these assignments and showcase the process as a work of art which leads to the final submission.

What’s Next?

This was my first semester of my Masters Degree so I will be resuming full time work  until the commencement of the next semester in February 2015. After graduating and working in Brisbane, I have aspirations of moving to New York to gain international experience in a highly dynamic city. I have previously lived in Hong Kong, the Phillipines and Sydney and am passionate about travel, both internationally and locally.


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